May. 17th, 2016

Application: Nico di Angelo


Apr. 2nd, 2016

Weatherbrooke Information


PLACE OF WORK: Florist at Game of Thorns with his main duty being flower arrangement design. Also working on a part-time apprenticeship with Thorin Oakenshield (Oliver Thorin).
Older sister: Reyna Ramirez-Arellano (Alessandra Isabella Ramirez)
Roommate | Friend: Anakin Solo (Anakin Smith)
Ex-boyfriend | Friend: Gabriel (Daniel Soprano)
Coworker: Katniss Everdeen (Katrina Magby)
Coworker: Kenneth Sullivan (Hikaru Sulu)
Frequent customer: Severus Snape ()
Apprenticeship: Thorin Oakenshield (Oliver Thorin)
Dog: Cerberus

ITEMS: replica of Ichigo’s sword from Bleach, motorcycle (that might cough up a bit too much smoke), skull ring, and a few too many action figures
Angelo is the first son and second child of the Puerto Rican deacon at the Catholic Church and his Italian socialite wife. His life was pretty standard growing up in Storybrooke with his older sister and younger siblings. Family functions. Church functions. All the good things a nice traditional family like theirs would do. But when he got into high school, he started to butt heads more and more with his father. His mother managed to keep the peace for the sake of the image of the family, but once Angelo turned 18, things took a turn for the worse. A discussion about college turned into an argument and ended with Angelo going to his room, cramming a backpack full of whatever he could grab, and leaving home for good since he was legally an adult. He wandered a little before Anakin’s family took him in and gave him a place to stay until he could get himself on his feet. He started going by AJ and working at Game of Thorns, doing surprisingly well with the job even if being surrounded by that many flowers gave him the heebie jeebies. After saving up enough money, he got a place of his own (that Reyna stops over at often to help clean and make sure he’s eating enough) and started taking online and community college courses for jewelry-making and metal-working. After a bit, he also managed to score an apprenticeship with the local jewelry maker, Oliver Thorin. When Anakin graduated from college, it was only natural for AJ to open up his place to the younger man and they’ve been living together since.

PERSONALITY CHANGES: AJ is more open, outgoing, and self confident with the changes in his life. He isn’t nearly so doom and gloom and everyone is going to leave me with his attitude, but he will still bring the sass and doesn’t have much tolerance for bullshit.
CURSE MANIFESTATION: He pulled a Bianca. He gave up his family to do what was best for himself. Plus he's a bit adrift in his purpose in life and finding something that feels right that he should be doing.
PB CHANGES: Matthew Daddario, complete with tattoo.
SMALL TOWN GOSSIP: Eight years ago, AJ cut ties with his parents and has been living on his own. While the reasons for the separation were kept quiet by his mother and ignored by his father, people could easily put two and two together considering his parents’ work and his not really tiptoeing around his sexuality. Also there’s whatever whisperings over the fact that as a 26 year old openly gay man, he took in Anakin right after college.

  • High school time ex-girlfriend/s.
  • Post high school time ex-boyfriend/s/fling/s.
  • Open for younger siblings as well as Italian socialite mother and Puerto Rican deacon father
  • Nov. 10th, 2015

    Capture the Flag Masterlist!

    The In-Game
    Each month there is a rousing game of Capture the Flag. It was started by the demigods from the Percy Jackson series, but all are welcome to participate regardless of skill, age, parentage, or powers. Each month, everyone is split up into two teams and given a side of forest (the dividing line moves to keep things interesting and avoid any spaces that need to be kept clear at the time). The point is to grab the other team's flag and get it safely back to your side of the playing field. The team that does this first wins the game. If the first game runs short, a second and maybe even third game is often played.

    The Out-of-Game
    Each month, teams are rolled with 1-10 being Red Team (previously Team A) and 11-20 being Blue Team (previously Team B), unless people specify they want their characters on certain teams with other characters. Then, for randomization of each game and to not have everyone fighting over who would win/capture the flag/etc, I roll a d20 for each character. 1 is a botch aka something unfortunate happened if the player so desires. Otherwise, 1-5 means a significant defense moment. 6-14 means normal action. 15-19 means a significant offense moment. 20 means you captured the flag and the game ends that round. I keep rolling through all the characters until one of them gets a 20, which varies the game lengths, making some really long and some super short. Of course, it's all just guidelines for plotting and if something isn't cool with the rolling, it can be swapped around. people can sign up under the monthly comment and pick what team they're on. I'll flip a coin to see who wins. People can then fight over what happened and which individual got the flag.

    Previous Games )

    Apr. 2nd, 2015

    App: The 100

    When you've felt so alone since
    The moment of birth
    And you've struggled to find
    Your own true sense of worth

    When it seems there is no one
    Across this whole earth
    To depend upon, you carry on
    Just like you always do

    'Cause it's safer to rely on you.
    Oh, it's safer to rely on you.

    When you once, unafraid,
    Wore your heart on your sleeve
    And the ones that you loved
    Chose to just turn and leave

    Every day it gets harder to
    Somehow believe
    You will survive, so you strive
    Just to keep up your guard

    'Cause it's safer to hold every card.
    Oh, it's safer to hold every card.

    I feel out of control
    I feel safe on the ground.
    I go building up walls
    Yet I wish to be found. )

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